Keeping your little one’s delicate skin clean is essential for good health and bathing is an enjoyable part of their daily routine, strengthening the bond between you. A few infants take a while to get used to the new sensation of being in the water but it won’t be long before they look forward to having a good splash in the shower before bedtime! There are various products and bathing accessories available depending on your little one’s age and your requirements – here we explain a few things for you…


Top and tailing is a method of bathing your newborn baby’s head, neck, hands and nappy area without giving them a full shower. Most health experts recommend that you bathe your infant two to three times a week when they are newborn and increase the recurrence as they get older. On the days that you don’t shower them, a top and tail wash will keep your infant clean.


You may wish to buy a unique baby bath to wash your little ones in until they are old enough to go in the family bath. There are a variety of designs to choose from and the best baby bathtub will be dependent on you and your little one’s personal preference. Most infant showers have special back and headrests to support your baby, A few are designed to fold flat for storage purposes; whilst other models double as scales or can screen the temperature of the water, so you realize it is not too hot or cold.


Your baby will require specially-designed bath support until your little one can sit up on their own when they are around half a year old and graduate to a bath seat. Bath supports allow your infant to recline in the water yet he will not be completely submerged. A few are made from foam, fabric or plastic and are ergonomically designed for babies comfort.

Bath supports will make it simpler for you to wash your little one and they do not take up much space and are ideal to take away with your away from home. BabyLove premium bath bed make help your baby feel more secure, The design and material used is to give newborn the extra support when bath.

Try our premium bath support, bathtub, to keep your little one safe and enjoyable bath time.

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