Play is vital to your kid’s learning and development. When your little one plays, it gives her lots of various ways and times to learn.

Play also helps your little one:
i)  build confidence
ii)  feel cherished, cheerful and safe
iii) develop social skills, communication skills
iv) develop physical abilities.

Different types of play

Unstructured, free play is the best type of play for young kids.

Examples of unstructured play may be:
creative play alone or with others, including creative or melodic games.
inventive games – for instance, making cubby houses with boxes or covers.
exploring new or most loved play spaces like cupboards, backyards, parks, jungle gyms, etc.

Structured play
is unique. It’s often led by grown-up kids.
Examples of structured play include:
water acclimation classes for babies, or swimming exercises for more seasoned youngsters storytelling groups for little ones and preschoolers at the local library, dance, music or drama classes for kids of all ages.

How play develops with your child

As your child grows, the way he plays will change – he’ll get more imaginative and experiment more with toys, games and thoughts. This may mean he needs more existence to play.
Also, kids move through various types of play as they grow. This includes playing alone, playing close by different kids and playing intelligently with other kids.

Play ideas for newborns to encourage the development

For newborns, the best play toy is mom. Simply looking at mom’s face and hearing mom’s voice is play for your newborns and babies. You might like to try the following ideas and activities to play with your lovable kids:

i)  Music, songs, gentle delicate tapping on your baby’s tummy while you sing: these activities develop hearing and few other activities.
ii)  Surprise: this is incredible for your baby’s social and emotional growth.
iii) Delicate tickles, or objects with various surfaces, similar to feathers, mud, metal or froth: these develop the sense of touch.
iv)  Objects of different sizes, colours and shapes: these can encourage your little one to reach and handle.
v)  Sturdy furniture, balls, toys or boxes: these can get your little one to crawl, stand and walk.

How you choose the right toy for infants

Toys – the magic wand that every kid loves. As a parent, we are also fascinated to purchasing toys for our little ones. Whenever we enter into a shopping mall and look at a good toy we quickly bounce to get them however costly they are thinking our little one will be impressed.  However, that doesn’t occur constantly, sometimes our little ones don’t even give a look at it or play with it. It’s all because things that fascinate us may not generally intrigue the little one. It’s all because things that fascinate us may not generally intrigue the little one. So it is always better and great to be choosy about the toys we purchase.
Newborn babies between the age of 1- 12 months have an immense speed of development and that is the key to make the right decision. Here are ideal tips for you to purchase the right toys.

i)  For infants between 1-6 months get them toys they could go after, hold, suck on, shake, make noise with—clatters, enormous rings, press toys, getting teeth toys, delicate dolls and softballs.
ii)  Play them children’s songs and rhymes that have exceptionally gentle and delicate music.
iii) For babies between 1-12 months get them toys to play with dolls, puppets, plastic and wood vehicles with wheels, and water toys

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