When you become a parent for the first time, it’s so natural to get sucked into various parenting manuals, sites and forums. Suddenly everyone has an opinion on what is best for you and your little one. When to give baby their first bath? How often to bathe your little one? Which bubble bath? Sponge or flannel? A lot of questions!

And keeping in mind that we like to consider ourselves as baby bath time experts, we know enough by now to tell you this. You know your little one’s best. we can guide you, but the ultimate decision is yours and yours alone. All things considered, as we’ve written previously about baby’s first bath and how to use your BabyLove cotton towel for a more relaxing and stress-free bath time, we thought we’d share a few tips on how to do a top & tail wash.

Why do a top & tail wash?

As a general rule, little infants don’t really require a bath every night, and often parents are advised to wait a couple of weeks after birth before introducing little ones to their first bath. It’s dependent upon you. If you do decide to limit bath time in the early weeks, then a top & tail wash is a great way to keep your little one clean and fresh.

All things considered, lots of families find that bath time is part of their bedtime routine- especially if there are older children who have grown used to having a bath by the day’s end. There’s no standard rule stating infants cannot have a bath every day, so go with your instincts and do what works for you.

How to do a top & tail wash

Top & tail washes are suggested either in between bathing, in place of bathing when baby is very young, or at the start of bath time. Here are few tips for guaranteeing it goes as smoothly as possible.

Make sure you and your little one are relaxed. It makes no sense to begin the whole process when either of you is stressed or upset. A top & tail wash can be a lovely bonding experience in the event that you time it right.

Wait at least an hour after feeding. Allow your babies full tummies to settle before you move them around.

Prepare everything before you start. We suggest a bowl of warm water, a thermometer, a soft towel to lay baby on, a BabyLove premium towel, items for a nappy change, items for a feed and a soft cushion or thick towel to kneel on. Make sure everything’s to hand before you start.

Check the temperature of the room- it needs to be warm enough otherwise your baby will get freezing rapidly!

The wash

When you’re ready, lay little one on the soft towel on a safe surface and attach your Babylove cotton towel around your neck. Utilize the poppers to secure it in place and you’re good to go. Converse with your baby, maintaining eye contact and reassuring as you go.

Start with your baby’s face. Use a silky soft cloth to gently clean the face, taking care to wipe from the nose outwards. Gently clean around your little one ears, avoiding the inner surface of an ear. You might want to also gently wipe your baby’s head and remember to clean under the chin too.

Then, strip the child down to simply the nappy, and start to tenderly wash under the arms, chest and stomach. Keep talking to reassure!

At last, remove the baby’s nappy and clean the area delicately with a soft towel. Take care to clean around the umbilical stump (don’t be afraid to gently wipe the area) and allow the umbilical stump to air dry.
Chances are, the whole top & tail wash will possibly require 5-10 minutes and if your baby protests it could be even quicker! When you’re ready, gently lift your baby into your arms and cuddle them into the cotton towel.

When you’re ready to dress your baby, lay them down on a safe surface to do as such. When you put your little one’s nappy on, fold it down a little at the front to allow the air to dry the umbilical stump region well before dressing.

Try our BabyLove premium towels for top and tail wash.

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