Bath time is important for your child’s cognitive and emotional development, according to studies. During this particular time, all of their senses are stimulated, encouraging their brain to concentrate and pay attention.

The sensation of water on their skin, seeing water pour and drain, blowing bubbles, inhaling soothing smells, and, most significantly, the opportunity to touch. Baths can also help your infant relax and de-stress, promoting a good night’s sleep, according to experts.
In the bath, gently stroking your baby’s skin “decreases down the physiology, so it slows heart rate, blood pressure, and modulates brain waves in the direction of relaxation.” So it’s a relaxation reaction to having pressure receptors stimulated,” says the experts.

Here are few tips to help bath time

Pick a good time of day when your baby is relaxed, rested, and not hungry. Baths don’t have to be a part of the bedtime routine all of the time. Try it in the mornings if your infant is the most alert and joyful. After a sleep and a sloppy meal, perhaps.

Experiment with different water temperatures. Perhaps your child prefers a bath that is a little hotter or cooler. It usually aids in making the water a little warmer.

If the bathroom is cold, use a space heater to make it as pleasant as possible.

Play music while taking a bath.

Take it easy. Take your time, talk them through it, and if they’re old enough, let them try soaking their face a little.

Include something entertaining to divert their attention, such as bubbles or allowing them to watch the water pour from the faucet.

Splash some water in a small dish or from the faucet with your baby’s hands and feet to get them comfortable with it.

Begin the journey with them! There’s nothing like playing in the tub with your baby once they’ve graduated to a full tub. Blow bubbles in the water, gently splash (or close the curtain for more severe splashing if they’re enjoying it!) and get close.

Prepare everything you’ll need ahead of time—towels, soap, clean clothes, and toys—so you don’t have to scramble before and after your bath.

If nothing else works, try having a bath in a sink or showering while holding your baby. This may or may not make you feel nervous, but it’s always worth a shot if you have the opportunity. Perhaps bathing isn’t their thing now.

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