Why children are afraid of the bath

Little ones might feel out of control, not like the temperature difference or not the way gliding feels.

kids and toddlers might be afraid of the noise of the water depleting or of slipping under the water. They probably won’t care for having their hair washed or getting water or cleanser in their eyes.

Handling bath time fears

When a baby is very scared of the bath, it’s ideal to take her fear seriously and not force her into the bath when she’s disturbed.

When bathing your little one’s, bath support can come in really helpful as it means you can shower them in your bath at home safely, without them slipping – which is simply awesome.

It’s also important to remember that when bathing your baby you should never let them alone or unattended as a young baby can suffocate in just a few centimetres of water.

Babies and toddlers: tips for bath time

Here are a few thoughts that may help more older babies and toddlers get used to the bath:

Slowly introduce baths – for example, by setting your little one in the empty bathtub and giving him a sponge shower. Once he’s OK with this, you could have a go at adding a little water in the bottom of the bath.

Use a nonslip bathmat or stickers on the bottom of the shower. This might help with your babies worries about sliding under the water.

Ideas to make the bath time fun

You might be able to assist with fear of the shower by making shower time fun:

Use bath time as an opportunity to spend time with your baby. Sing songs, read stories and play games while you wash your baby.

Allow your kid to practise bathing a toy or a doll as part of his play. This is fun and can also assist him to understand the concept of shower time. A few kids enjoy a bath more in the morning  when they’re not tired and cranky.

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